Game Maker 2

Hello All. I wanted to post a review and a sample of a click RPG that I started yesterday.

I’ve been dabbling with game creation since I was in middle school. I had a fellow classmate one day show me RPG Maker 2000. It was dated even then, but because of the simplicity and power of the game design engine, it let even kids build games of their imagination. However it was locked down to the old NES Final Fantasy style UI and battle system… So I ended up looking at other game engines out there. I ended up coming across a webpage (at the time) called It had a game engine called Game Maker, designed by a Dutch computer scientist/programmer named Mark Overmars. It went into development under him for years until he sold it to a company called YoYo Games. They have continued the game engine project and have now offered the product on Steam.

I can’t say I really did much with game dev. I always enjoyed starting the projects and learning a little bit of the Game Maker Language (GML), but never finished a large project game.

Here is an example of the UI for Game Maker 2, the latest release as of this post.

Here is the download to the Alpha version of a game I started yesterday, named Blac Demu. It’s just a start of a project.
Left-click to move
Hold control and left-click to cast electric ball (takes 10 mana)
Screenshots below:

Sorry the exe only works in Microsoft Windows 7 and up.

Download Here
(Alpha updated and posted on link above 2020-02-10. Project is now in Beta and will be updated on it’s own Blog post.)

Download and launch instructions:
This is just a test executable, so it is not signed. Windows 10 will block this game from running without manually unblocking it.

Screenshot of block prompt on Windows 10, before unblocking executable
Right-click exe and click Properties > Check Unblock checkbox and click Apply

The game should now launch without being prompted/blocked by Windows 10.