Who, What, Where are you?

In life we find ourselves questioning our motives, our existence, our place in this universe. This existential quagmire brings us to a halt at numerous times in our lives. Who are you? What are you? And… Where are you?

We can easily identify ourselves by our name and past experiences. We can easily state we are humans as part of a growing population on Earth. We can also easily say we are home or in a place where we work and sleep. However these easy answers are only the superficial understandings of our existence.

In Hinduism, and following religions, it is believed that we are trapped in a reincarnation cycle known as Saṃsāra (meaning wander or world, cyclic change) until we find the universal truth (Atman with Brahman or enlightenment) and reach Nirvana (meaning blown-out, like a candle). Whether or not you practice these religions or believe in such a concept, the evidence of its presence can be observed by all of us. We are all wandering this world in a cycle or pattern that may or may not be obvious to us. Repeating the same or similar actions, sometimes making progress or sometimes just finding ourselves in the same spot we left. Breaking the cycle, identifying yourself, and moving outside the old path is the foundation to finding truth and a life free of past burden. Life exists outside the realm of our mistakes.

Self-identity and then self-actualization are the key concepts in finding out who, what, and where we are. Keys to unlocking our own truth and potential. We all have a purpose and are not just wandering this world as space dust for no reason. The reason is up for you to figure out, but that can only begin once you tap into your own consciousness and perform a deep self-examination. The universe is a thread in which binds all matter and living things. Our mind and body are tethered by this fabric (or network) that connects us all. You are not alone, your actions impact everyone in this plane, regardless if you or anyone else notices. We’re all important, however our role is dependent on our knowledge of our space. The more you know, the more important your existence becomes and the more people will begin to rely on you… because that is nature. Grow your mind, break your path, find what truly matters and you will become free from the chaos built within the boundaries of our atmosphere. Understand that we as humans developed by men and women understanding themselves, their role, and their place. I encourage you all to learn, deeply examine your surroundings, and search your feelings. It’s scary, but as I mentioned, we’re all connected and I’m depending on you, just as everyone else is.